Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hungarian Natascha, aka Magyar Natascha

I am publishing this, after some thought, as it is sad to relate, that there is nothing whatsoever on the net other then one other story in a tabloid newspaper... I have tried to discover more, sent one e-mail to a clinic where she might up, but of course didn't know her... unlike the other European cases, this woman has vanished off the face of the planet it would seem... The Picture is from one of the two articles on her, but it is possible that it is faked, as the skin tone does not match the description... though evidence of beatings is obvious...
I have deliberately left out any links to the papers... not with any idea to thewarting people looking, but with the idea that if they are not there, maybe people will not look... she deserves her peace... I wish 'Snow White' much happiness, and hope her recovery is well on it's way...
"Hungarian Natascha" Found in Budapest

A 27-year-old Hungarian woman in Budapest was held captive for 13 years in her home by her father and regularly raped and beaten, Hungarian media are reporting. News of her ordeal comes weeks after the escape of Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch from her kidnapper and she is already being dubbed the "Hungarian Natascha".

Her father, a prison guard, had forbidden her to leave the apartment they shared since she was 14, newspapers reported, citing social workers. The woman has been dubbed the "Hungarian Natascha" by the media in reference to 16-year-old Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch, who was kidnapped and held for 8 years before managing to escape.

Newspapers said the Hungarian woman, who has not been named, was repeatedly raped and beaten by her father in front of her seriously ill mother. The case came to light after the father died and the mother, who was also abused by the man, contacted authorities.
Social workers who came to the flat noticed that the daughter had snow-white skin. "My colleagues saw that that the young woman can't have been outside for a long time," a social worker told Hungarian television. She appears "like a 12-year-old child with gray hair."
The woman is severely traumatized and afraid of everyone and speaks only falteringly. She receives daily visits from social workers. No further details were released.
The neighbors apparently didn't notice what was going on. The mother has since died.

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